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2020 ARUBA

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What's Included

  • Accommodation (Mansion Villa)
  • Transportation (Airport and Group Activities)
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Liquor and Food at select events
  • Conchi: Natural Pool
  • Palm Beach
  • Eagle Beach
  • De Palm Island (Meal/Food, Liquor)
  • Sunset Catamaran (Meal/Food, Liquor)
  • Pelican Nest Seafood Grille (Meal/Food)
  • Casino Night
  • Professional Photography & Videography

What's not Included

  • Meals
  • Extra activities
  • Travel insurance
  • Visa/Visa Application

Must Have

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Pocket Money
  • Swimsuits and Maxi Dresses
  • Trunks or Board Shorts
  • Beach-Chic outfit
  • Sunglasses

Group activities

Quick facts on ARUBA

Aruba was formerly a part of the Netherlands Antilles. In 1986 it became a separate self-governing part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Tourists flock to Aruba, attracted by its white-sand beaches in the south and west, rugged coastline in the northeast, and desert environment in the interior.

Name: Aruba

Capital: Oranjestad

Language: Papiamento (official), Dutch (official), Spanish, English.

Population: 117K

Currency: 1 USD = 1.77 AWG (Aruban or Dutch Guilder)

Airport Code: AUA

National Anthem: "Aruba Dushi Tera"

National Motto: One Happy Island

Government: Parliamentary Democracy

Religion: Roman Catholic

  • Considered the wreck diving capital of the Caribbean.
  • White sand beaches are barefoot-friendly, even at high noon.
  • For 80+ years, Aruba has been a pioneer of purified water technology.
  • Gambling winnings don't get taxed here.
  • Nearly 20% of the island is a dedicated national park.
  • Has the most sunny days of any island in the Caribbean.
  • One of the most popular spot on earth for windsurfers.
  • People from more than 90 nationalities can be found in Aruba.
  • Four countries, including Aruba, form the kingdom of the Netherlands.
  • The nationality of the citizens is Dutch.
  • 8 Bedrooms
  • 1 Villa
  • 25 Guests
  • 11 Bathrooms

Map Key

  • ActivityKey
  • Accommodation
  • Airport
  • Palm Beach
  • Eagle Beach
  • Flamingo Beach
  • Conchi: Natural Pool
  • Submarine Tour
  • Pinchos Bar & Grill
  • Sunset Catamaran
  • Casino @ Hyatt Regency

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