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2020 Toronto Caribana Festival

Full Experience Packages starting at $500 Activity Package Only

What's Included

  • Penthouse
  • Breakfast
  • Transportation
  • Daylit Pool Party (VIP)
  • Sunday Blocko (VIP)
  • Sky Residents Rooftop Brunch
  • Liquor
  • Custom Gift
  • Videography
  • A few surprises

What's not Included

  • Meals
  • Extra activities
  • Travel insurance
  • Visa

Must Have

  • Passport

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Group activities
(included in package)

Added Value
(additional costs)

Quick facts on Toronto

The Caribana Festival, known to the locals as Toronto’s celebration of Caribbean culture and traditions, is one of the largest cultural festivals in North America, bringing in over two million people each year.

Name: Toronto

Country: Canada

Province: Ontario

Language: English

Population: 7M

Currency: 1 USD = 1.313 CAD (Canadian Dollar)

National Anthem: O Canada

National Motto: “a Mari usque ad Mare” = From Sea to Sea

Government: Parliament

Religion: Roman Catholic

  • The Toronto Caribana Festival began in 1967 as one of the first Caribbean festivals held outside of the tropical area.
  • The celebration, called the Canadian Centennial, was meant to share West Indian and Black Canadian culture and traditions with the community
  • The carnival would represent the cultures of the ten main Caribbean islands in addition to Bermuda and Guyana

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